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COVID-19: Risky Drinking




As the social and economic impact of COVID-19 continues, communities are under great strain. One potential consequence is an increase in harms from alcohol and drug use.

People may find themselves drinking or using substances more to cope with anxiety, stress, loneliness and the uncertain environment.

Spot your drinking warning signs

  1. Just one more: The number and frequency of drinks are creeping up
  2. Drinking earlier in the day: When routine tasks like basic cooking and working-from-home KPIs start to slide
  3. Isolation fatigue: Stress, boredom, depression, kids on overdrive – all triggering you to pick up a glass
  4. Trouble sleeping: Trouble getting to sleep, mood swings, irritability
  5. Overwhelmed by emotions: More arguments, more often. Outbursts leading to distress and violence at home
  6. Takes more to get the same feeling: It takes more and more drinks to get the same feeling

If you recognise these signs and are concerned, call the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s DrugInfo line on 1300 85 85 84 . It’s free and confidential.


WBA in conjunction with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation


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